For me, my art has always been a place I could hide in, or where everything opened up to me and life became more alive and real, with a strong desire to jump in and be a part of it all.  Depending on what I was going through at the time, I could choose to elevate my life and emotions, or go into my own private Idaho. These days, with isolation and retreating into our homes, I decided to work small, in 6" X 9" geometric patterns. Taking my inspiration from the subways I started working in colors, then shifting to just black and whites with a more dramatic intent. Recently I'm doing black and blues, which I am really enjoying. Blues have similar effects like the sky and water. They can calm you down and bring a sense of ease and security in these times.

A lot of these patterns have very intricate details. I was reading in a book recently that a single rain drop, that falls on a leaf is like a whole universe of living organisms. A hidden world in itself, invisible to the human eye but there. My 6"X 9" patterns give me a peace and order as I was working through them. It made me think of creation and life with all its wonderful details. The patterns and designs of our world are all around us everyday. Being confined, to a certain extent drew me into these patterns of life even more deeply to appreciate the world around me, and excited that it will physically open up again, with no mask, no gloves, and no confines to the spaces and people I move and live in. Find something to do in this time to give you hope and where you can find that invisible world that promises the best that is to still come for you!