I took some photos of The George Washington Bridge in Washington Heights, along with the train platform on 215th St and sunset clouds on 207th St at Inwood Manhattan.
Nothing can capture being there and watching them change sometimes in a matter of moments. They change the whole surroundings with the magnificent light falling down on the waters and cityscapes.
Romantic artists in the 19th century, saw clouds as an antidote to the rigid order and classification of science.
Clouds frequently symbolize moods associated with the weather. The 17th century philosopher, Rene Descartes, came to the conclusion that as human beings, we were more impressed with things above the earth then below them.
JMW Turner used clouds to reflect the human drama enacted below, with a sense of menace many times, that engaged a greater power controlling the narrative. He would even tie himself up on the boat in a storm to draw images! A little to much for my stamina!
Joni Mitchell took clouds, and in her lyrics portrayed them physically, as always there, interfering with her plans and everyday events, and figuratively, using love and life as clouds, taking away the clarity that she was so desperately seeking.
For me as an artist, they are luminous, mysterious and bring my imagination into a supernatural realm.
It may be just The Heights or Inwood Manhattan, but that other realm still beckons me, bringing a little bit of that supernatural to the landscape of my life. Enjoy!
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