A Touch Of Arabesque And Romanesque!


The NYC Hall Station, built in 1904, has an unusual style entering from above, and another one down below, lost in a world of time and design, long ago.  Beautiful Arabesque architecture greets you, with tall elegant, simple columns with large blocks, while the arches above, bend over and reveal the small, fine tile designs in the background.


The large one displayed here, is still a Work in Progress. I decided to bring the highlights out more, emphasizing, the light entering in, giving glimpses of light blues, purples and soft browns all blending in.


When you take the trip below, you will see the "Romanesque Revival" style, exploding all around you.  This started in the mid-19th century, inspired by the 11th and 12th century Romanesque architecture.  We have the Normans In England and the Italians in Lombardy to thank. The difference in this look, from the traditional, is in the simplified arches and windows.


As an artist, I have the liberty to add an abstract design with Art Deco influences in symmetrical, geometric patterns and a Syfy fantasy world.


What we see above, or on the outside, isn't necessarily the whole reality.  We have to go deeper and explore all the possibilities that may be hidden to the human eye, and take that journey into another world of vision!